Giving is Worship

Because you give:

Within our church

  • we are able to reach young children through Sunday School and TeamKids, some of whom do not have a church home, and whose families do not attend church.
  • we are reaching young people who need the Lord, and need discipleship to grow in Christ and share Him with others.

Within our community

  • we can help those in our community and those who pass through by means of being the hands and feet of Christ, and sharing with them the gospel.
  • we can help meet the physical needs through the ministry of God's Storehouse.

Within our country and continent

  • we can send mission teams on trips to help others in other parts of the country and continent.

Around the world

  • we can help missionaries share Christ with the lost wherever they are. 

We thank you for giving to this ministry.

At the "Choose Your Designation," drop down arrow are the active designations to which you can donate.

Please note, while First Baptist Church appreciates all hearts desiring to give to the Lord and His work, we do NOT, under ANY, circumstance condone anyone going into personal debt to support the ministry. Please be wise managers with the funds God has entrusted to you as you plan to generously and joyfully give to God and His church.

For special offerings or funds, you can designate them when you set up your contribution.

If you realize you have made an error after submitting, please contact the office (620-364-2910) ASAP so we can help you correct that. All information is kept confidential.

"Honor the Lord from your wealth and from the first of all your produce." Proverbs 3:9 (NASB)