Who Is Jesus?

Jesus – Provider of Resources to Me
• Spend time in John – Who is Jesus?
• John 6:1-14
Familiar account – Jesus feeding the 5,000
Mark also records this miracle (Mark 6:32-44) and sets the stage for us:
▪ Disciples were worn out from their mission trip, continuous ministry – not even time to eat.
▪ Then bad news: John the Baptist was killed.
▪ Jesus: Let’s go up on the mountain to rest.
• Jesus sees the need
Jesus saw the need of his friends – draw away from ministry and rest
Jesus saw the need of the crowd
▪ Mark: Jesus had compassion on them
▪ These people were like sheep without a shepherd
▪ Not an interruption to his plans for rest – saw the people the way God always sees people
▪ A time for personal sacrifice – an opportunity for God to receive glory
• Jesus meets the need
▪ Mark’s account: Jesus taught them before feeding them
▪ MANY spiritual needs on the hillside. Jesus taught them many things. Jesus’ priority
▪ They hadn’t been invited for supper, they weren’t going to die from missing one meal
▪ But Jesus cared – EVEN though the problem was one of their own creation
▪ Jesus fed them
▪ Hungry? Get some food and feed them
▪ Philip: We couldn’t buy enough even if it was available!
▪ Practical response from the disciples: Send them away so they can find something to eat (Mark)
▪ Jesus: How much do you have? (Mark 6:38) NOT what don’t you have?
▪ 5 loaves, 2 fish. Growing boys – enough for 1
▪ Philip: It is humanly impossible to feed all these people!
▪ Andrew: It is humanly impossible to feed all these people with so little!
▪ How much of it did Jesus use? ALL of it.
▪ Only a little bit to offer, but offered it all. God used it all. God fed them all.
• Your (our) ministry needs Too many, too great. Not enough: money, time, people, talents, Bible
Give all you have to Jesus – all the verses you know, all your time – let him use you to meet
• Homework: John 7:37-39 God’s provision IN you