Viola Web Mission Offering

September 19, 2021; Burlington, KS; Sunday a.m.

Viola Web Mission Offering
• Week of prayer for the mission effort in Kansas and Nebraska
oTwo-state convention of SBC churches – cooperating together for the gospel’s sake
oWhy do we need a mission effort in Kansas and Nebraska?
▪ Genesis 22:1-18
• V. 18 And all the nations of the earth will be blessed by your offspring.
• Through Jesus all the nations find God’s blessing
▪ In Flint Hills area – five counties with no SBC church
▪ In Nebraska – counties with no evangelical church
▪ In KS and NE: 4.8 million people needing the gospel
▪ In Coffey County – 22% associated with a church
▪ Still a big work – so what about Viola Webb Offering?
• The SBC is an association of churches, cooperating together for the gospel
oCooperate in many areas – beneficial especially to small churches like ours.
oThis offering is a cooperative effort – 1⁄2 goes to the greater work in Kansas and Nebraska; 1⁄2 stays in Flint Hills Association
oNamed for Viola Webb
oViola Webb Offering supports (in FHASBC):
▪ Campus work (44k students):
• Emporia State University – Jason Heubner
• Washburn University – Craig Freerksen
• KU – Ryan Stelk
• Haskell Indian Nations University – Hubert White
• KU International – Brian Whitaker
▪ Melvern Lake Ministry – Bill Kneisly 13 years
▪ BETO Chapel Ministry – Lonnie Davis (Rantoul)
▪ American Indian Church Planting Center – Hubert White and John Gaskin
▪ Northern Lights Association (Saskatchewan) Partnership
▪ Lighthouse of Pomona (New Church and food ministry)
▪ Vine Life Church in Meriden (Mike Inman)
▪ El Camino in Topeka (Jonathon Castillo)
• God’s promise to Abraham – God would bless the people of the world through Abraham’s
descendant because Abraham obeyed God
• There are people right here who are not experiencing the blessing of God
• Acts 1:8
o The mission effort – to bring people to a saving faith in Jesus is not just for far away
oWe can participate in the global effort to bring people to Jesus in our giving and prayers
oWe can participate in the global effort to bring people to Jesus in our personal witness
oPray about giving
oPray for those on the front lines